Psychotherapy, counselling and coaching available virtually and Face to Face. Keeping you safe.

To make an appointment or enquiry please email Here  or call/text 07967807654

Corona virus COVID-19 and Freedom Day

If you were in isolation and Freedom day looks like things are just too much for you at the moment and your emotions are running ragged with anxiety or panic attacks or depression I can help.

Virtual Appointments for only £60.00/session — Face to Face from £80.00/session (Bromley, Kent only)

I am conducting virtual appointments via FaceTime, Skype or Zoom. please do contact me on 07967807654 or email;

Face to Face therapy sessions will only be conducted in Bromley, Kent at this present time.


What happens in your therapy session?

There are many types of counselling/psychotherapy and I am more solution based. Which means that I deal with whatever the problem is.

Being a solution based therapist means that I can use a variety of therapy methodologies to help you get and feel better. I am not restricted to any particular type of psychotherapy e.g. CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).

Using Hypnotherapy in the sessions (not always) helps you to process what has been going on in the session and helps you to be in a better place quicker.

Helping with Diabetes emotions and problems

As someone who lives with diabetes I can totally understand the problems and emotions that we can go through.

We do not often get the help that we require from our Health Care Providers (HCP)

We often will feel down, or maybe suffer from burnout or even needle phobia, due to having to manage our diabetes 24/7, 365days a year, with no time off. Having someone who understands these problems and more can help you get back to managing your diabetes and not the diabetes managing you.