Phobias, Fears and Hypnotherapy

Phobias, Fears and Hypnotherapy


If you flee from things you fear, there is no resolution. : Chuck Palahniuk


There is a vast encyclopedia of fears and phobias, and pretty much any object, situation, you can think of, there is someone who has a phobia of it. : Scott Stossel

In August 2017 I was asked by the Metro newspaper if I would help them with an article on phobias, fears and if Hypnotherapy can help.

Below is the article as it appeared in the Metro

How I helped some people with phobias, fears, with Hypnotherapy. Please note they only came for one session, normally I  recommend at least 2 to 3 sessions

The Metro Article on Phobias, Fears and Hypnotherapy


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For Help with any Phobias and Fears please contact me Ken Tait at 07967807654 or use the contact form

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