Type 2 Diabetes is not real diabetes is it?


Type 2 Diabetes is not real diabetes is it?

If you were to look at social media, you would think that type 2 diabetes can be cured with this diet or that diet and exercise. And hey, you have now got rid of your diabetes oops sorry type 2 diabetes.

And lo and behold anyone who says cure your diabetes with this or that and does not include type 2 will be vilified.

“it’s not the same” “you don’t know what it is like” etc is what is usually screamed at by those with type 1 diabetes. Ok I get that you don’t have a pancreas that works and the type 2’s are insulin resistant. But hey we both can suffer kidney, liver, heart disease, neuropathy, loss of limbs, and lung diseases etc, due to our diabetes.

We both have to manage our diabetes to the best of our abilities. Sometimes without the support that we need. Some type 2’s even have to inject insulin multiple times, surprise surprise, and check sugar levels a few times a day. Type 2’s can be subjected to hypos and hypers. Though unusual for those on medication.

We all can suffer from emotional problems, from depression, anxiety, stress, denial, and even burnout. It is just not unique to any type of diabetes.

I also get it that type 1’s, don’t get it through, eating too much sugar and being lazy couch potatoes, and neither do all type 2’s.

So, lets stop all this mudslinging and bickering that goes on between the type 1’s and type 2’s and try and help each other with our diabetes. Help to get the best out of the healthcare professionals (HCP) to get the support that we need to manage our diabetes 24/7.

Join a support group, if you don’t have one near you, set one up. I did and now have over 50+ people on email and around 15-20 people coming to meetings once a month.

After all, we only see our HCP’s for 20-40 minutes a year, we still have to manage it for the rest of our lives. If we can help each other with this diabetes thing then life can be bare able.  Let’s manage our diabetes and not let the diabetes manage us

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