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This week, I have thanks to LinkedIn, been informed that I have been with Intrinsic Revolution for 17 years. I actually started a year earlier. I started to reflect my time of nearly one third of my life helping people with their problems and issues.

Over the years I have helped many people to lead better and healthier lives through psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. From quitting smoking to depression, from anxiety, stress to impostor syndrome, and weight loss. I have helped those that have phobias, fear of spiders, heights, flying, public speaking, exams/tests, and my favourite one is helping a young teenager get over her fear of masks/clowns and so enable her to go out with her friends into town.

I have helped young people in the UK and other parts of the world, in their twenty/thirties how to live the lives that they want through coaching.

I have used the techniques and skills that I have learned, to help in my role as a management consultant. Though not the hypnosis part.

I have helped directors, managers and others with their soft skills and processes, so that they can lead their employees and staff.

I have enjoyed helping those people knowing that they will now lead a better and healthier life. I now look forward to the next 17/18 years.

Ken Tait is a qualified psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, executive coach and mentor. He specialises in emotional problems for people with long term conditions (LTC) and their carers e.g. diabetes, cancer, who suffer from stress, anxiety, or depression. He also organises and runs a type 2 diabetic peer support group in Bromley, Kent

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