Type 2 Diabetic Peer Support

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Type 2 Diabetic Peer Support Why I started a type 2 Diabetic peer support group? In 2013 I moved from Edinburgh in Scotland to Bromley in Kent. When I signed up for a GP at the local practice, I was total by my new GP that she would be looking after my diabetes. In Edinburgh […]



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DEEPTalk About DEEPtalk DEEPtalk is about people who live with Type 2 Diabetes and is organised by Novo Nordisk. In the picture are the people that gave talks on their journey with Type 2 Diabetes in Novo Nordisk in Copenhagen, Denmark. My talk was on Stress and Diabetes. A video of this event will be […]


Diabetes and Stress

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Diabetes and Stress Why does diabetes and stress go hand in hand? As a type 2 diabetic on insulin I can understand why diabetics can get stressed. The daily grind of checking sugar levels, counting your carbs, or well-meaning people say you can’t eat that, did give myself enough insulin to cover what I have […]