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Stoptober the time to quit smoking.

Stoptober the time when people are being persuaded to quit smoking by the NHS.

There are many ways of stopping or quitting smoking, vaping, e-cigarettes, gum, counselling, or therapy.

However, none of the above work unless you really want to quit smoking.

Yes, quitting smoking is difficult to do and I understand the angst and the problems that people go through. The bad tempers, irritable behaviour, shakes, that craving for a cigarette, however, it is not always like that.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy and all that

In my opinion vaping, e-cigarettes, gums, sprays, and patches are just an excuse. They may work for some people; however, the numbers are very low. I know people that are still vaping a year or so after starting, and even getting hooked on the gum.

It maybe that they have given up smoking but not the nicotine addiction. Recent studies have stated that vaping is harmful. Also, why are you giving money to the tobacco companies?

There are also recent studies telling people not to go cold turkey as the success rate is only 4% after a year. If they did Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT, vaping, gums etc), this goes up to a whopping 6%, or even better with the NHS Stop Smoking Programme goes up to a massive 16%.

To me these figures are whilst great that people are quitting smoking, is not as good as Hypnotherapy which has a figures of up to 88% (Published Peer review papers).

So Do you want to quit smoking?

It really doesn’t matter which way you try to quit smoking, if you don’t want to quit smoking then you won’t.

However, if you do wish to quit smoking then you will, but you really do need to want to quit smoking.

There are just too many benefits to quitting, better health, more money in your pocket, you don’t smell of smoke, and your skin is not only better but feels better, these are just some of the benefits.

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Remember you can quit smoking at any time and not just at Stoptober.

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